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Park Power is pleased to be able to offer low rates and awesome service to Commercial Electricity Customers in Alberta.  We do this while also sharing 10% of our profits with deserving charities.  

If your Commercial Operation uses more than 250,000 kWh/year it is eligible for Self Retail and Park Power can help you to negotiate valuable rates for your electricity consumption.

Please feel free to contact our Business Developer Kris Kasawski if you would like to discuss your business operation’s energy costs.

Base Commercial Rate


Rate Guaranteed until the end of December 2020

No Cancellation Fee

Flat Administration Fee

$6.90 per month

(Revenue shared with Community Partners)

Discount Commercial Rate


Rate Guaranteed until the end of December 2020

Fully Refundable Prudential required

Interest Paid to you at 5% per annum

(credited monthly on your invoice)

No Cancellation Fee

Flat Administration Fee


Variable Electricity Rate

Wholesale Price + 1.2¢/kWh

Wholesale Electricity Cost + 1.2 cent/kWh

(divide $/MW by 1000) + $0.012 = $price/kWh

Dec 2017 Rate 3.574¢/kWh

12 Month Average 3.67¢/kWh

Flat Administration Fee - $6.90 per month

Fully Refundable Prudential may required after credit inquiry is made.

(Interest paid to you at 5% on prudential)

No Cancellation Fee