Flexible 5 Year Electricity Rates

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5 Year Green Flex Rate


Support Renewable Energy in AB

Rate Guaranteed until Aug 31, 2024

 Fully Refundable Prudential required

Interest paid to you at 5% on Prudential

Must purchase 30% Green Alberta Energy

Administration Fee- $6.90 per month

(Profits share with Local Charities)

Never Be Locked In

No Cancellation Fees

5 Year Discount Flex Rate


Rate Guaranteed until August 31, 2024

Fully Refundable Prudential required

Interest Paid to you at 5% per annum

(credited monthly on your invoice)

No Fees to Switch or Cancel

Flat Administration Fee


(Profits shared with Local Charities)


5 Year Base Flex Rate


Protect yourself from price volatility

A Flexible Electricity Rate option

No fees to switch or cancel

Guaranteed until Aug 31, 2024

Flat Administration Fee

$6.90 per month

(Profits shared with Local Charities)