As an Energy Marketer in a deregulated market, we must maintain bonded prudential accounts with the Alberta Electric Systems Operator (AESO), as well as the Distribution companies. Both of these prudentials are to ensure that if the customer defaults on their payment, the distributors or the generators are reimbursed.


Asking for a Prudential Security Payment that pays a 5% per annum return to the customer is one mechanism we are using to cover this cost and risk on an incremental basis. Your investment in our prudential account allows us to keep our rates lower and continues to save you money on your energy bill. The interest is credited to your monthly bill and the Prudential Security Payment is fully refundable should you choose another Energy Marketer for your energy needs.


Some conditions apply: The minimum amount that must be maintained on deposit will be the equivalent to twice the average monthly bill and is based on the rate chosen. The amount of the prudential must be debited from your bank account prior to enrollment. If we do not receive your normal monthly payment for energy consumed by the due date indicated on the bill, we reserve the right to apply the funds from the prudential toward the outstanding billed amount and may de-enroll your site.