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Park Power is a Sherwood Park, AB based competitive energy retailer licensed by Service Alberta.  We are a 100% privately owned and operated local business that believes in supporting the local economy. 

If you live in the Edmonton region, why not support a business based here?  Why pay your power bill to a company headquartered in Calgary (Enmax) or a company headquartered in Ontario (Just Energy) or even a company headquartered in the USA (Direct Energy)?

Kris Kasawski, Principal of Park Power, is an entrepreneur, family man and community builder who founded Park Power because he wanted to give metro Edmonton residents the opportunity to support a local independent business instead of a foreign corporate conglomerate.  Kris aims for Park Power to be a positive member of the community by supporting local non-profits and local initiatives.  Through our Community Partner Program, Park Power shares 10% of our profits with awesome local charities.  As well this program allows customers to add a donation onto their monthly bill to support one of our Community Partners helping to Power Our Community.


Everything we do is online with paperless billing and direct debit payments.  Our efficient business practices keep our overhead low and allows us to offer lower prices than our big competitors.


When you sign up with Park Power, nothing about how electricity is delivered to your home or business changes.  Your wires company (FortisAlberta, EPCOR, Enmax, or ATCO Electric) will continue to distribute electricity to you just as they do today. Alberta’s deregulation policy requires all utility wires companies to continue to provide their wire distribution, meter reading, and deliver services regardless of who you select as a retailer.


Switching to Park Power is like changing your phone service from one provider to the other.  Except with Park Power you won’t sign a long term contract or pay sign up or exit fees.  We will look after all the paperwork to switch you over, free of charge.


Park Power is pleased to be able to offer fixed stable rate guarantees to its customers.  Our 2 and 4 year Fixed Rate electricity plans will protect you from market fluctuations, but you never have to feel ‘locked in’.