The most Frequently Asked Questions.

Please call your Wires Distribution Company.
EPCOR 780-412-4500 (in Edmonton)
Fortis Alberta 310-WIRE (310-9473)
Fortis Service Area Map

In Alberta, you can choose how you buy electricity. You can sign a contract with an Energy Retailer at an agreed contract price and terms. You also can buy your electricity at a regulated rate, often called the RRO. The regulated rate is the unit price of electricity (cents per kilowatt hour – kWh). The Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC) regulates Alberta’s investor-owned and municipally-owned utilities to ensure that customers receive electricity at a just and reasonable rate. This rate changes each month. If you have not chosen a competitive electricity retailer and you use less than 250,000 kWh per year, you will continue to be eligible for the RRO.

The simple answer is ‘Yes’, however your current Energy Retailer might charge you an early exit fee if you cancel before your contract expiry date. If you have a long-term fixed contract, we encourage you to contact your current provider to see what your contract requirements are. RRO
(EPCOR) customers can switch over at any time. Switching is easy.

You must give us at least 10 business days written notice before you move by submitting a completed Moving / Contract Cancellation Form in the My Account of parkpower.ca. If the new location is within a territory we serve and you wish to remain our customer, you must complete a new Sign-Up Form applicable to your new location at: www.parkpower.ca Any interruption in supply of electricity or services caused by your failure to give us 10 business days notice and any additional costs either of us incur in serving the new location will be your responsibility.

You can cancel within 10 days of the date we receive your completed Park Power sign up form. You may cancel this Contract at any time without penalty by submitting a completed Contract Cancelation Form in the My Account section of parkpower.ca. Mandatory minimum 10 business days written notice applies.

Please submit completed Account Change Request Form in the My Account section of parkpower.ca together with a copy of the Void Cheque or Bank account confirmation form issued by the bank, at least 10 days prior to the next payment due date.

Below are the common terms in Park Power’s monthly invoice
a) Meter Read:
Each month the Wires Distribution Company (ATCO, ENMAX, EPCOR, FortisAlberta, Lethbridge) will read your meter and prepare a file called a Tariff Bill File (TBF). This electronic file is sent to the retailer. It contains the current meter read and the date the meter was read. The difference between the current read and the previous read is your actual consumption during the defined time period. The actual consumption is used to calculate the cost and price of your energy use.

b) Distribution Fees:
These fees are regulated by the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC). The current charges invoiced by the Wires Distribution Company that services your site is billed monthly, with direct pass through of distribution fees. No additional charges or mark-up is applied to these charges.
c) Administration (Admin) Fees:
This covers the basic transactional fees incurred by Park Power in processing your invoice. The Admin fee is also allows Park Power to share its profits with its Community Partners. Please refer to www.parkpower.ca. for current rates.
d) Energy Price:
The Floating energy price is adjusted monthly. It is based on the average Wholesale Cost of electricity consumed plus Retailer Markup (profit margin for Park Power). For any of our Stable Rate plans the price is fixed for the term of guarantee. This price is applied to the energy you use, based on the meter read.

As a retailer in this deregulated market, we have to maintain bonded prudential accounts with the Alberta Electric Systems Operator (AESO), the coordinating body in Alberta’s Electric System, and the Electricity Distribution Company or Wire Service Provicer (EPCOR & FortisAlberta).
Both these prudentials are to ensure that if the customer defaults on their payment, the wire service providers or the generators still get paid.
Even if our customers have a perfect credit rating, we still need to have these prudentials. Furthermore, every time we take on a new customer, our power demand goes up and so does our prudential requirements.
Asking for a security deposit that pays a 5% return to you per annum is one mechanism we are using to cover this cost and risk on an incremental basis. Your investment in our prudential account allows us to keep our rates lower and continue to save you money on your power bill.
The 5% interest earned by the customer per annum is credited to your monthly Park Power bill and the deposit is fully refundable should you choose to leave Park Power.

Electricity exported to the grid by Small Micro-Generators (MG), as defined under the provisions of the Province of Alberta, Electric Utilities Act, Micro-Generation Regulation, is calculated based on meter read information provided by your respective wires company. The export electricity metered data is processed on a monthly basis and will be included as a ‘MG Credit’ on your invoice.

Park Power is very concerned about the security and confidentiality of your personal information, which is why we employ security and encryption technology to protect subscriber data.
Some of the security features we use are outlined below:
Each account is secured by a unique combination of User ID and password. Connections are secured using an SSL connection and personal data stored in the database is encrypted.
In addition to passwords and data encryption, data access is protected through multiple levels of hardware, software and network security to prevent unauthorized Internet access protecting the privacy and integrity of customer data. All systems and data are stored in a secure fully redundant data center that is monitored 24/7.

Your Site ID can be found on your current bill. If you are moving and setting up service for a new residence or business you can look up what your Site ID at
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