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Through Green Alberta Energy Park Power is able to offer our customers an affordable choice for reducing their carbon footprint as well as a premium electricity rate for MicroGen customers with solar on their roof.

Close to 85 % of electricity generated in Alberta comes from burning fossil fuels (Coal and Natural Gas).  Our program gives customers the ability to offset the fossil fuel generated portion of their usage with EcoLogo Certified power from a renewable source.

Customers are now able to green any percentage of their power usage that they wish for a small premium on their monthly bill.

Green Alberta Energy will be a separate line item on our customers’ bill that is calculated at 1.66 ¢/kWh x amount of energy the customer wishes to offset with Green Energy.

How much will it cost?

Customer A consumes on average 800 kWh/month and wants to Green 50% of their usage.

800 kWh x 50% = 400 kWh

400 kWh x $0.0166 = $6.64/month extra charge to offset 50% of their usage with Green Power

Customer B consumes on average 1600 kWh/month and wants to Green 75% of their usage.

1600 kWh X 75% = 1200 kWh

1200 kWh x $0.0160 = $19.92/month extra charge to offset 75% of their usage with Green Power

This is an easy and affordable Alberta made way to support renewable energy in our province.  Especially if you consider that Bull Frog Power will charge you 2.5¢/kWh and will send you an entirely separate bill.  With Park Power you can have it all on one bill.

Buying green power creates a stronger demand for green energy and it gives a clear signal to government and policymakers that Albertan’s want a cleaner power grid.  Plus with Park Power’s Green Alberta Energy Rate you can take advantage of our lowest Fixed Rate Offering and support Green Energy in Alberta.

If you are an electricity consumer who is a Micro Generator with solar pv, you should definitely consider choosing Park Power as your electricity (and natural gas) provider.

Join our Solar Club and earn a premium for the electricity you produce while also helping to further green Alberta’s electricity grid..

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