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Discount Natural Gas Rate


Floating Rate + $0.75/GJ Transaction Fee

Prudential Required

No Cancellation Fee

Administration Fee   - $4.50/site per month

Base Natural Gas Rate


Floating Rate + $0.95/GJ Transaction Fee

No Cancellation Fee

Administration Fee   - $4.50/site per month

Why Choose Park Power for Natural Gas?


Consolidated billing and online web services

Shop Local and Save Money.
By consolidating the processing of your gas and electricity bill, we have been able to streamline our operations and are offering lower Monthly Administration fees and Natural Gas Transaction Rates compared to our competitors. Our online “Self-Serve” business model makes it easy for you to manage your account but if you want to talk to one of our staff, just call our Customer Service Team at 780-640-2128.

Gas prices are falling. The best option available today is the Floating Rate

The history of the Floating Natural Gas prices, which are shown in the chart below, are based on the Alberta Market Price published by NGX. When invoicing our customers, a Natural Gas Transaction Fee ($0.75 – Discount & $0.95 – Base) per GJ is added to the monthly Flow-Through price.
The monthly Administration Fee is $4.50 per site per month.
While the Flow-Through cost of gas fluctuates monthly, Park Power’s Administration Fee and Transaction Rate are guaranteed as a fixed rate until December 31,  2019.

  12 Month Average Discount Rate


2015-16 Floating Natural Gas

Sign-up for Natural Gas

It is simple and easy for customers in the ATCO Gas and AltaGas Utilities distribution territory.  
New customers can just add natural gas service when they are filling out the application for electricity Sign Up Page.
Our existing Park Power electricity customers now can simply add natural gas service through the “My Account” section of our website.