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Cheapest Fixed Electricity & Natural Gas Rates In Alberta

Park Power is offering the cheapest Fixed Electricity & Natural Gas rates in Alberta.

While we have been happy to offer long term price stability to Alberta utility consumers with our 5 Year Fixed Electricity Rates, our latest rates available offer the best deal in 2018 for price conscious Albertans. Plus we now have Fixed Rates for Natural Gas.

Our latest offering of short term electricity and natural gas rates are guaranteed until the end of December 2019 and are the cheapest deals going if you compare us to the big 5 retailers in Alberta.

Now let’s compare the above to Park Power’s offerings.

1 Year Dual-Fuel Price Buster – Electricity at 5.79¢/kWh bundled with Natural Gas at $3.29/GJ

Switch Me Now!

Our Price Buster Fixed Rates are the cheaper than what all the big utility companies are charging.  How can we do beat them?  Our efficient business model allows us to keep costs down and pass those savings onto you, the Alberta consumers.

With Park Power, our customers don’t sacrifice low prices for poor foreign call centre service. Our Alberta based Customer Service team is top notch and our paperless billing and self serve online account management makes things super easy for our customers.

Plus, along with savings on your utility costs, you can feel good knowing that profits from your bills are shared with some awesome Alberta Charities.

This Fall why not get yourself jumping for joy also by Signing Up for Park Power.

Enter Promo Code – LOCALPOWER to receive $40 off your first bill.

Not quite ready to pull the trigger? Send us a copy of your bills for a free, no obligations rate comparison.

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Offering Albertan consumers a better choice for electricity and natural gas. Lower rates, better service, profits shared with awesome local charities.

2 Responses to “Cheapest Fixed Electricity & Natural Gas Rates In Alberta”

By Andy Tuveson - 1 November 2018 Reply

Do you offer electricity and natural gas to residential customers in Lethbridge and Taber?
Are all your employees including customer services and billing’s located in Alberta, not the Philippines or South America?

By Kris Kasawski - 5 November 2018 Reply

Hi Andy,
Yes we do offer services in Lethbridge and Taber.
Yes all of our billing and customer service is handled right here in Alberta.

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