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Five Years As An Alberta Electricity & Natural Gas Provider

November 1, 2018 marked 5 years since Park Power launched onto the Alberta utilities market.  First as an electricity only provider and now offering natural gas and green energy to Albertans as well.  As with most entrepreneurial journeys, these past 5 years have had their ups and downs but I am happy to say that my journey continues as Park Power continues to grow.

To mark this milestone I thought I would put down some thoughts about what it’s been like to compete on Alberta’s utility markets against some really large incumbents.

  • Even though the Alberta electricity market has been open to competition since 2001, lots of consumers are still uninformed about the choices they have when paying their electricity and natural gas bills.  When I started promoting my business I would say that 50% of my time was spent educating the consumer about how the different sectors of the market functioned and that a consumer’s choice in provider did not affect the delivery of power or gas to their home or business.  These days I would say that consumers are getting more informed thanks in part to the work of the Office of the Utilities Consumer Advocate.  I also believe consumers are gaining knowledge due to the fact that our industry is undergoing some changes and as such is on the minds of Albertans more.
  • While Albertans are becoming more informed about the choices they have in the utilities market, it’s not the most exciting subject to think and talk about, therefore it’s not always top of mind for consumers.  As such I have learned to be patient with the consumer.  I understand that choosing a new electricity and natural gas provider may not be top priority for everyone most of the time.  So instead of using fearful sales tactics at your door during supper time to get you thinking about your energy bills, I have created a positive, community minded brand that might even make you smile when you think about electricity and natural gas.  So even as brand awareness and the customer base of Park Power continues to grow, I remain patient with the consumer because I am confident that Park Power is a better choice.
  • I came into this business with an Degree in Economics, 15 years working in small retail businesses, and the gumption to give it a go.  After 5 years I believe I can say that Park Power is capable of competing with the large, traditional incumbents who have pockets much deeper than mine.   This ability to compete is thanks in part to my branding and marketing efforts but also thanks to the great services and back office network provided by UtilityNet.  By operating in a business model that is more efficient with less overhead, Park Power is able to offer its customers low rates, with awesome Alberta based customer service, all while sharing our profits with awesome Alberta Charities.
  • Kindness matters, this rings true in life and business and for my business it has been a cornerstone.  I aim for Park Power to be a positive member of the community and as the face of the business I can leave a positive brand impression by being genuine and showing kindness.   I have built some great business relationships because of the positivity that I promote through Park Power.  It is heartening to know that building a brand with kindness in mind has created brand value that resonates with our customers.

These past 5 years have been a ride and I look forward to it continuing.

Many thanks to all the wonderful residences and business that have become Park Power customers.  Your continued support allows me to keep spreading the #localpower message and allows Park Power’s community contributions to get bigger every year.




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