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Great Alberta Electricity Rates

Great electricity rates are available in Alberta. You could save money on your power bill by switching to Park Power and take advantage of savings offered.

The deregulated electricity market in Alberta is working for consumers and those who have switched to Park Power have been able to benefit from the low market prices available right now.

Some consumers ask how we are able to beat the big utilities on price. Firstly, with our lower overhead and efficient business practices we will always be able to beat the big utilities.  Secondly, as a smaller independent energy retailer we are able to react faster to the low prices on the wholesale electricity market in Alberta and offer big savings to consumers who switch to our Floating Rate, which has a current 12 month average of around 5.3¢/kWh.

Our Fixed Rate plans are still a great deal for those who like to protect themselves from the ups and downs of the electricity market.  Head to our Sign Up Page to take advantage of the our Value Rate of 6.5¢/kWh.

Park Power is a Better Choice for your energy needs.

Better rates, better service, and profits shared with awesome local charities.

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Offering Albertan consumers a better choice for electricity and natural gas. Lower rates, better service, profits shared with awesome local charities.

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