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2016 is into full swing now and should prove to be another interesting year for the electricity and utility industry.

The Alberta Government is starting to enact their Climate Change Plan which includes the phase out of coal fired electricity and the uptake of 30% renewable sources by 2030.  The beginning of this change over will begin with incentives coming for farms and municipalities to install solar panels.

Park Power is helping you be a part of this positive change by offering the most affordable option to Albertans to support renewable energy with Green Alberta Energy.  Offset any percentage of your usage for the lowest rate on Green Power available in Alberta of 1.66¢/kWh.

For the average Albertan home 100% would cost $14.11/month and 25% would cost $3.53/month.

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Why not connect with us on Social Media?

Park Power is active on Facebook,Instagram, Twitter, Google Plus, and we are now trying our hands at the mobile only Snapchat. Our content on these different platforms is curated by Park Power’s owner Kris Kasawski, who tries to share content that has value to our followers.

We aim to tell our story as well as be a resource for our customers and followers for information on the utilility industry(with a slant toward renewable energy) and on Alberta’s Climate Leadership Plan.  Park Power on social media is also a great source for various happenings in the local economy.  We love to support and advocate for all the awesome independent local businesses we have in the Edmonton Region.

These platforms also provide a great platform for customer feedback and we would love to hear from you.  Please give us a quick review either onFacebookGoogle, or with the Better Business Bureau. These reviews provides great value to us for a couple minutes of your time and we thank you for them.

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Park Power’s Introductory Natural Gasoffering is going well and we are glad to be offering our customers in the ATCO Gas Territories lower admin fees and a lower transactional fees on this essential product for Albertans.

For our customers who want to take advantage of getting their natural gas as well as electricity from Park Power can simply add it onto their account in the My Account section

Our new customers are able to choose both products from us directly from our Sign Up Page when they apply for new service with Park Power.


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Offering Albertan consumers a better choice for electricity and natural gas. Lower rates, better service, profits shared with awesome local charities.

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