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Cheap Edmonton Electricity Rates Available Now

Right now if you are paying your power bill to EPCOR, Enmax, Direct Energy, or Just Energy you are missing out on cheap electricity rates available in the Edmonton Region and paying 40% more than you could be if you were a Park Power customer on the Floating Rate.

Pool Prices-1

Wholesale power pool prices are at a 15 year low and consumers in Alberta can benefit from these market conditions by switching to a Floating Rate plan.  Park Power’s Floating Rate is currently just over 4.5 ¢/kWh while the rates being paid by customers of the big corporate utilities are 7.79 ¢/kWh and above.

Here is what the could look like for someone on a older fixed rate plan from Enmax paying 8.0 ¢/kWh.

Avg usage of 1000 kWh/month

Enmax energy usage charges $80.00/month

Park Power energy usage charges $45.00/month

That is a difference of $35 in just one month.

While it is true that the Floating Rate is indexed directly to the market price for power and it can have some volatility to it, right now it is super cheap and is forecasted to remain low for the near term.  So why not take advantage of the current market conditions and save yourself some money.

When market conditions change and and the price of power begins to creep back up again, then you can switch over to one of Park Power’s Fixed Rate Plans and you will still be saving money since we always have lower rates than the big players.

It just makes sense to pay your power bill to a local independent retailer like Park Power who is able to offer lower rates, superior Alberta based customer service, and a much simpler, friendlier experience.

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