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Park Power Is Offering Cheap Electricity Rates.

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The deregulated electricity market in Alberta is working for consumers and saving some over 50% on their electricity rates.  That is a significant amount of savings that consumers who have switched to Park Power have been able to benefit from.

Some consumers ask how we are able to beat the big utilities on price and by such a large amount. Firstly, with our lower overhead and efficient business practices we will always be able to beat the big utilities.  Secondly, as a smaller independent energy retailer we are able to react faster to the low prices on the wholesale electricity market in Alberta and offer big savings to consumers who switch to our Floating Rate.

Our Fixed Rate plans are still a great deal for those who like to protect themselves from the ups and downs of the electricity market.  Head to our Sign Up Page to take advantage of the our Value Rate of 6.5¢/kWh.

Here are some rate comparisons for you to consider.


It is mid April 2015 and the current Floating Rate for our customers is averaging about 3.7¢/kWh

EPCOR’s RRO Default Rate for April is 5.689¢/kWh – 35% Higher

Enmax’s current Fixed Rate is 6.99¢/kWh – 47% higher

Direct Energy’s current Fixed Rate is 7.37¢/kWh – 50% higher

Just Energy’s current Fixed Rate is 8.69¢/kWh – 58% higher


#LocalPower is working for those who have taken advantage of what we can offer.

Switch now to take advantage of the savings offered by Park Power.

Plus if you are a Park Power customer by April 30, 2015 you will be entered in the draw to win the awesome Electra Townie courtesy of Mud, Sweat, & Gears.

Win this bike by signing up for Park Power during the month of April 2015

Win this bike by signing up for Park Power during the month of April 2015

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Offering Albertan consumers a better choice for electricity and natural gas. Lower rates, better service, profits shared with awesome local charities.

3 Responses to “Park Power Is Offering Cheap Electricity Rates.”

By sam gilbert - 23 April 2015 Reply

I do not disagree with what trending advertizing can do…but if a company was really interested in what a consumer product can offer: Offer this: 35% less then any other electrical bill in your neighborhood for 5 years, a free bicycle, and after 5 years, the ability to change plans without a fine of any kind, if you’re unsatisfied with the plan.

By ken Turner - 11 February 2019 Reply

are you cheaper then atco

By Kris Kasawski - 3 March 2019 Reply

Hi Ken,

Thanks for the commment/question.

We are cheaper than ATCO for Variable Rates on power and gas and about the same for Fixed Rates.

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