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Green Alberta Energy is available from Park Power



The cost of greening the electricity grid in Alberta just got less expensive.   Park Power and Green Alberta Energy are now putting consumers in control to GREEN any portion of their energy consumption because every little bit helps.  The price per kWh for our new produce offering is 1.66 cents.  How does this compare?    For an average Alberta household consumer (650 kWh per month usage), you would pay 3.2 cents with Bullfrog and 1.66 cents with Green Alberta Energy:  48% less.  Regardless which plan a customer is on – 1.66 cents per kWh is lower than all the other options available to Albertans.

Green Energy Comparison


One last point worth noting.  Consumers do not need to be tricked into greening 100% of their consumption, because the grid already is partially green.  At the time of pulling together this information for you; look at the supply and demand stats in Alberta.  MC: Market Capacity,  TNG: Total Net Generation – Electricity currently being shipped onto the grid.  There is 16,249 MW of capacity in the province of which Coal and Gas represent 83% of the supply.  Renewables and Cogen accounts for 17% of the installed generation in the province.   If you look the TNG numbers (this gives you the intensity of what is on the grid):renewables are not running at full capacity but still represent 12% green which is being delivered to consumers.



Recommendation:  Green 75 to 80% (the coal and natural gas portion) of your consumption and save some money.  The bottom line:  If a Bullfrog customer purchased a package, they would be invoiced $21.25 per month.   If an average consumer purchased only 75% green from Green Alberta Energy in partnership with Park Power they would pay only $8.09 (based on 650 kWh per monthly consumption.  A savings of 61%. Plus you will be supporting an Alberta based approach supporting renewable energy in Alberta not an Ontario based approach supporting renewable energy elsewhere in Canada.


Consumers don’t have to overpay by buying packages or baskets of green: Now they are in control of how much they want to green (they select the percentage) and they are only charged based on exactly what they consume.  Plus they can take advantage of our lowest Fixed Rate Offering

Customers are billed as part of their monthly utility invoice.  Simple and Affordable.  No contracts – No exit fees – No administration fees.  The service is totally integrated and the savings are passed onto the consumer.


Check out Park Power’s Green Alberta Energy Page   This is an affordable solution for Alberta’s carbon problem.

With Park Power you can

Ø  Save on Electricity

Ø  Save on Natural Gas

Ø  Invest in Green.

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