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Local Energy Retailer Joins The Fight To End Family Violence

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Local Energy retailer joins the fight to end family violence

Please allow me to introduce you to Kris Kasawski, founder of Park Power. He represents the future of Alberta’s energy business. Someone who cares and is passionate about his beliefs.

Kasawski is focused on engaging more men in the conversation around family violence and building healthy relationships. We believe supporting this cause is truly important, and hope you will join us in helping to spread his message.

Since a very young age, Kasawski has been aware of the issue of family violence in Alberta.

During his elementary school years, his mother was a teacher at A Safe Place, a local shelter for women and children fleeing abusive relationships. Through his mother’s experiences, he learned early in life about the negative impacts of family violence.

This is one of the many reasons Kasawski has decided to collaborate with Strathcona County Family and Community Services on the #SCspeakout Campaign, focused on engaging the community in the conversation around building healthy relationships and ending family violence.

“This has allowed me to leverage my position in the community – as a male, a father and a business owner – to effect positive change towards an issue that is so close to my heart,” said Kasawski.

November is Family Violence Prevention Month in Alberta and this year marks its 30th anniversary. Hundreds of Alberta communities and thousands of individuals are actively involved in preventing family violence by providing public education and services.

Residents of Strathcona County are doing their part. During the month of October, a number of red silhouettes were erected around the town as props to encourage community engagement and to get the conversation started about the issue. The Regional Walk Against Domestic Abuse included a group of local advocates and non-profits and was sponsored and led by Park Power. Now, November has been proclaimed White Ribbon Month.

The White Ribbon Campaign is part of an international movement that symbolizes people’s commitment towards positive relationships. Everyone has a role in creating a safe, strong community and to wear a white ribbon means you are showing your support towards ending family violence and building healthy relationships. White ribbons can be picked up at any Strathcona County facility as well as Baseline Chiropractic and Wellness Centre and CrossFit Sherwood Park.

“This campaign has been a good opportunity to leverage my brand and my skill set to bring light to an important issue.”

Kasawski believes that Park Power, which offers competitive rates on Electricity, Natural Gas and Green Energy in partnership with Green Alberta Energy, has a duty to give back to the local community.

“My goal is for Park Power to be a positive force in the community,” said Kasawski. “This campaign has been a good opportunity to leverage my brand and my skill set to bring light to an important issue.”

But it’s not just the #SCspeakout Campaign that has seen support from Park Power. The company also has a Community Partner Program in place which shares 10% of its profits with local charities.

“I really value our Community Partner Program and like the idea that as Park Power’s customer base grows, so do our donation amounts,” said Kasawski. “For me, it’s about Park Power being a better choice. It’s a new model of business in a traditional industry that allows us to offer lower rates than the traditional players, while still being able to share our profits with awesome local charities.”

“I wish more consumers knew they could save money on their electricity and natural gas bills while making positive community contributions.”

Strathcona County Family and Community Services Resources:

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