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Park Power Representing at Capital Ideas 41

On Wednesday July 15th I had the privilege of representing Park Power at Capital Ideas 41 “Doing Good in the Neighbourhood”.  Capital Ideas is about business owners helping business owners by sharing what they know in the Edmonton Journal Business section and at live events.  At this particular event I was speaking about why making positive contributions to our community is part of Park Power’s business plan.

Our Community Partner Program is something I am very proud of.  In an industry with small profit margins, the fact that we will share 10% of our profits from your power bill with awesome local charities may not seem like a competitive advantage but I believe that it is.  Park Power positions ourselves as a local independent energy retailer offering a better choice to consumers for their energy needs.  We are not a foreign conglomerate who sends pushy sales associates door to door only concerned with closing the deal.  We are concerned about what is happening in our community and aim for Park Power to be a positive entity in our community.

Check out the recap of Capital Ideas 41 below and then ask yourself if your energy retailer invests in your community like Park Power does.

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