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Premier Prentice uninformed about the Alberta electricity market.

Premier Prentice is uninformed about the Alberta electricity market.

Recently, two articles were printed about Alberta politicians making misguiding statements regarding the electricity market.

Darci Henton of the Calgary Herald reported “Prentice vow to rein in high power prices”

Matt Dykstra of the Sun Media reported “Alberta Premier wants a ‘look-see’ into electricity prices”

Both of these articles continue to prove that our elected officials are ignorant to the facts as they spread the mis-information that deregulation in the electricity market has been bad for consumers.

Here is a reality check that these headlines are out of date.

-The YTD wholesale power rates in 2014 are running at $54.59 / MW which is the fourth lowest year in the history of Alberta’s deregulated market.  In 2014, the market has benefited by prices dropping.  With the addition of new wind generation, the new Sheppard plant about to come on line and the Montana Tie Line – all of these business initiatives, (financed by the private sector) will result in lower wholesale costs.

–  Consumers today can buy electricity from Park Power for 7.75 cents / kWh and have been able to do so, all last year – even when wholesale pool prices spiked our retail offering remained constant.   A spike in Wholesale Prices – does not necessarily mean that it will impact the price consumers pay for electricity. MLAs are mixing apples and oranges and sometimes they do not know what they are talking about.

-We are offering “Special Guaranteed Rates” for our seniors in Alberta at 7.50 cents / kWh.  If you are over 60 why not sign up and save some money?

– During September, Park Power consumers on the “Floating Rate” paid as low as 3.7 cents per kWh which was as low as the rate was in February 2002.  Yes, similar to the cost of energy 12 years ago.  This headline story broke in the media – exactly at the same time as we were sending out invoices to customers for the low price of 3.7 cents per kWh.

-3 Year-Guaranteed stable rates are available for residential,  commercial, and non-profit customers – PLUS – NO EXIT fees; consumers can exit the contract with just 10 day-notice with zero penalties.

-Bluntly & Simply: by switching over to one of Alberta’s competitive and independent retailers consumers in Alberta will save money.

-If you are paying 8 or 9 cents for electricity – then you are paying too much.  If you are tired of the RRO going up and down – then get off of the old utility rates and switch over to one of Alberta’s independent retailers.

Deregulation Promised “Lower Rates” and it offered the option of “Customer Choice” for consumers and we delivered.  Check it out Stable rates guaranteed to the end of 2017.

Wake up Folks !  You got what you asked for – “Lower Rates”,  “Guaranteed Prices” and “No Exit Fees”.

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